Supportive Counselling & Psychotherapy

Port Perry is running in-person therapy and virtual therapy and Stouffville is running virtual therapy only

Counselling & Psychotherapy are provided to the following groups:


Stouffville Office – Adults 18 and over, Couples

Port Perry Office – Adults 18 and over, Couples

Therapy Modalities

Supportive Counselling: Vent away! Unbiased, compassionate, non judgmental support

Solution Focused Counselling: We’ll find solutions and options tailored to address your specific stressors

Interpersonal Psychotherapy: Improved relationships + improved communication + focused goal = happier!

Cognitive Behavioural: Shift maladaptive thought and behaviour patterns to a positive new path!


Improved overall mood

Reduced stressanxiety,  better overall health

Improved self esteemconfidence

Unbiased support

A distinct time & place to focus on you, or your relationship

Improved communication skills

Feeling happierempowered in your relationships


Depression, low mood, or post partum
Self Esteem
Life transitions (new baby, new job, move, starting/completing university or college)
Life Stages
Complicated Grief (prolonged or unresolved grief that has led to depression)

Please Note:

Services are not appropriate for mental health crises, whereby you are at imminent risk of harming yourself or someone else, or if there is a history of suicide attempts or hospitalizations

If you are in crisis or feel that you are at risk of harming yourself or harming someone else, please call 911 or go to your local emergency room, or use one of the Free 24 hr Distress lines below

York Support Services: 24 hr free distress line 1 855 310 2673 (COPE)

Durham Distress Line: 24 hr free distress line 905 430 2522  Toll Free: 1 800 452 0688